Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lorikeet Selfie!

So I had just done my nails with Qutique Gel using the base and top coat. Yes really! my nails are that pale, that the moons do not show up in photos let alone real life. Anyway moving on, I then went out to get coffee sans a complete mani while I waited for inspiration to strike. When I came back, the Lorikeets that we feed were screaming for their food, and as I was taking pictures of them feeding one landed on my shoulder. I quickly switched the camera and took a selfie with him! 

And that is the inspiration for this weeks mani!

Glitter tips using Lynnderella One Nutty Fruitcake a multi coloured square glitter bomb (in fact one of the first, if not the first to use square glitter) top coated with Glisten & Glow HK Girl. Unfortunately we have had one serious storm here that went on for three days so no sunshine pictures to show off how seriously sparkly Lynnderella glitters are 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cue Cute Owls!

I just adore the cute bedding that is coming out for young toddlers now featuring owls, unfortunately there is no one for me to indulge. Tinkerbell and Elsa now rule the roost! (Absolutely no pun was intended, but after I had written it and realised it, I couldn't delete it! So I'm sorry if you are suffering)

So anyway, I came across Messy Mansion MM19 stamping plate and I had my cute owls on my mitts instead! This is Quitique Snow White for the background and I used Barry M Gellies starting with Kiwi on my index finger, Watermelon on the middle finger and thumb, Blood Orange for the larger cute owl on my ring finger and finally Pink Punch for the smaller owl on my pinkie. As you can see the Barry M Gellies stamp exceptionally well, and my application or technique could use a little work.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Classic Black And Gold

I'm so in love with this mani, it was just perfect! I thought it looked very Aztecy. This was Qutique Shadow on thumb, index and pinkie, with two coats of Revlon 1000 Volts on my middle and ring finger. Stamped with MoYou London Kaleidoscope Collection 08 using Kleancolor Metallic Black on my middle and ring fingers and Kleancolor Metallic Yellow on my thumb. 

And a side by side shot as Revlon 1000 volts didn't stamp or show up very well being thinner and made using two pigments namely yellow and orange. Kleancolor on the other hand stamps amazingly well being thicker and just the one pigment yellow.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

After Failure Comes Success!

You can't go wrong with simple! And I really like this mani after some terrors. Anyway moving forever upwards and onwards. This mani is an optical allusion, it looks like the accent nail is a pink gradient when its not! I really love other peoples subtle gradients so I was pleasantly surprised that this happened. 

On to my mani then Qutique Shadow stamped with MoYou London Kaleidoscope Collection 20 using Mundos de Unas #15 Mexican Pink. Then top coated with Qutique Titanium Power Gel for that super slick glossy look.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Better Late Than Never!

Well I don't know what happened there, my photo's were all in my editing application waiting to be done when I was distracted by I don't know what?? And long story short I didn't post about my mani last week! The up shot of all this is you get two this weekend.

On to my mani then, two coats of Barry M Pink Punch stamped with MoYou London Kaleidoscope Collection 08 using Enchanted Polish Dark Fantasy a lovely holographic purple. I love using holographic polishes to stamp with they make your nails look like jewels. Topped off with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat my new favourite.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Qutique Gel Nails = Perfection!

Well call me converted! You remember two posts back I tried the new generation of gels from Qutique, the ones cured by LED lights in half the time? I dreaded having to remove them due to the trauma of using another brand last year, this time however removing Qutique was a piece of cake! And look how well they have left my nails! All I had to do was lightly file the gel and then soak them with acetone for a short while and then scrape. My nails have not been damaged in the slightest

One layer of Base Coat and 20 seconds under the LED lights and look how shiny my nails are all ready!

First layer of colour, here I have used Shadow a dark charcoal black, 20 seconds under the lights.

Second layer of colour and you've guessed it 20 seconds under the lights.

Finally the Top Coat and one minute under the lights. And then a quick wipe with acetone leaves a nice glossy finish. A trick that I have learnt is to completely do one hand first and then the other it seems to have sped up the process a bit. To clean up I smother my nails in hand cream and then wash that off, which lifts bits of gel stuck to my skin and then gently file any other bits off.

And could I have left my nails like that? No (lol) So I stamped Fab Ur Nails FUN 13 using Mundo De Unas #32 Reddish. 

In the past I have used Seche Vite to top coat my nails but that always seems to smear my design on top of these gels so I have been using Glisten & Glow H K Girl which seems to work better. 

And then finally another gel Top Coat and one minute under the lights, wiped with acetone to remove any residue and my nails are super glossy!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai - 2015

Yes today, is when we wish Chinese people a Happy New Year "Xin Nian Kuai Le". Which is the biggest holiday in China. And everyone tries to travel to be with their families where the children will be given red envelopes filled with money to bring happiness and good fortune.

Red and gold are very lucky in China so my mani is based around these colours. Two coats of Pretty Serious Limited Edition Evie's First Christmas with a Lacquistry Amazeballz You So Fine! as a gold accent nail. I then stamped on the top of the gold with an image from QA 73 using Evie's First Christmas. On my index and middle finger I used the same image and stamped with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Golden-I. On my thumb and pinkie I stamped the Chinese symbol for love from a plate with just numbered M8.

This mani ended up so super blingy that the gold stamping has not been picked up that well in the photos grrr. When in fact in real life you can see the gold stamping quite clearly! Also just checking back on my last years Chinese New Year mani this is the second year running that I have used a Pretty Serious red! I just love Pretty Serious reds and I'm not a red person by any stretch of the imagination as in, I don't wear red in clothes or accessories!