Monday, 10 October 2011

Chanel Graphite

This is Chanel Graphite, it is gorgeous!

If I had to choose between Chanel Peridot and Graphite I would definitely choose Graphite. It is a dark  silver colour with gold flecks in it. I would describe the colour as a burnished metallic steel silver. And in the sunlight I couldn't help myself constantly looking at my mani.

Chanel Graphite is sooooooooooooooo glassy, glossy, shiny, and reflective; if I could use any more adjectives I would. The formula is a dream to use and does not leave brush strokes unlike Peridot.

And in this shot you can pick out the gold specks. These pictures have all been taken with a flash after  I got back from my Great Nephew's Christening. I didn't even think to capture this beauty in the sunshine even tho I had my camera with me!

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