Monday, 31 October 2011

Chanel Peridot ~ A Love Hate Relationship!

Chanel Peridot, is it Love or Hate? I can tell you, though, I still haven't decided!

The lovely green part I absolutely adore! And if ever a nail polish was made in this green with a touch of blue I would snap it up in an instant.

The green gold colour, yes I'm still loving it.

Now the hard part, Gold! I'm not feeling the love! I just don't think gold works with my skin tone.

More pictures, I like this old gold look

I adore this colour!

And back to gold!
To top it off I bought three bottles because it was love at first sight in the shop, and I thought I would be wearing it almost constantly. As it is, sometimes I can wear it for days, other times it doesn't even last the day out, due to my love/hate relationship with it.
Chanel Peridot what is to become of you?

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