Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ozotic Pro 506

Unfortunately the sun is not shining so these are all taken with a flash. And furthermore how hard is it to pick up purple on a camera, I ask you? Extremely hard, subsequently these photos are not showing the beauty that is Ozotic Pro 506 in all its glory!

Teal greeny blue? Yes it has that!

Shimmer? Yes beautiful little flashes when the light catches it.

Here you can just about make out all colours on the nail, teal, blue and violet which turns a hot pinkish colour if the sun ever gets to it and you hold your nails in just the right position!

More photos just in case you missed the blue/teal colour

The blue colour

The violet colour.
These nail polishes are lovely to use and the brush is divine making for an immaculate mani.

Today I'm going to top off this mani with my Spectra Flair Franken topcoat. Which is OPI base coat with fine grade Spectra Flair (all I had at the time) since improved with Spectra Flair course grade, a small amount of a white frost nail polish to help the Spectra Flair stay in suspension and topped up with a clear polish due to too much Spectra Flair being added!

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