Thursday, 1 December 2011

How many favourite Blues can one have?

I love the colour Blue in all its many tones and even if there is a tinge of blue showing then I'm there. My favourite Blue polish of all time is OPI Blue My Mind, every time I wear it, and I've worn it for over a week before now (that's what I call dedication), everyone has something to say about it.

Anyway, on to today's polish which will be joining my list!

Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle #5 a gorgeous Sapphire Blue with red and blue sparkles. It dries a bit matte, so definitely needs a top coat to make it glossy and then you can really see just how glossy and sparkly this polish can be.

The application is very good, I put on two coats followed by a Seche Vite top coat.

Skin Food is another Korean polish that I purchased from

I also bought Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle #8, a teal green colour (which is on my toes and not for public consumption at this time).

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