Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Year's Eve

I have chosen my favourite red mani with matching toes for New Year's Eve. I've worn this quite a few times during the year, but not blogged about it as this is new venture which only started 2-3 months ago!

This is OPI Big Apple Red, two coats. It is very red with no discernible pink tinge like Nails Inc Special K Red. Followed by Ozotic Pro 518 a gorgeous red holographic. Then of course Seche Vite to ensure my nails were ultra glossy! (That's a palm tree you can see reflected in them)

Once again my camera is letting me down badly (I see a new Camera in my future). This mani is stunning in reality. And I think adding matching underwear to the Ozotic Pro holographic nail polishes really allows them to stand out!