Friday, 9 December 2011

Rain Again!!

No sun or decent light due to the rain means I have had to have the same mani now for a whole week! People have noticed too!!

On Monday I wore Girls Night Out from the Models Prefer gift set of 18 (5ml) nail polishes for $20. I must say this is a brilliant way to try brands or colours without needing to make expensive mistakes: gives Chanel Peridot a hard stare! Girls Night Out is a purple with a blue shimmer and is very pretty by itself.

But on Monday night bored and with no sun to brighten my days, I chose to add one layer of OPI Mad As A Hatter over my mani. And on Friday the sun actually shone whilst I was waiting for my train so I was able to take these pictures.

If I had to chose between OPI Mad As A Hatter and Rainbow Connection, it would have to be MAAH which is more like twinkling fairy lights as opposed to the megawatt voltage of Rainbow Connection!

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