Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Butter London Tart with a Heart

Well my package of Butter London Nail Polishes from the USA arrived whilst I was at Wagga Wagga. I thought I would adore The Black Knight and hate Tart with a Heart! Well that didn't go according to plan. I found The Black Knight thick and gloopy, whilst Tart with a Heart was an absolute dream to apply and looked stunning layered.

This is W7 Envy a brand I found at the local Chemist Warehouse on the very bottom shelf. It's a lovely blue green colour. It applied wonderfully smooth and was extremely glossy without a topcoat and I would have left my mani at that, but I had already decided to layer on Tart with a Heart. The only small flaw I have with this brand is the brush is adequate but not crash hot.

Tart with a Heart is a wonderfully sparkly polish, it has small gold glitter along with bigger hex holographic glitter, even just turning the bottle in your hand the glitter is so sparkly and mesmerising! My new favourite amongst my glitters.
And my next post will be about another Butter London polish that arrived in the same package and is so beautiful in a different way! Can you guess which one?

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