Sunday, 5 February 2012

WARNING O.T.T. Glitter Overload!

This is a polish I picked up in the local Hot Dollar shop for $2.50, its a holographic bar and specks glitter in a clear base. The brand I think is called  Easy Paris and this is #22. I first wore this polish for a whole week over Picture Polish Wisteria, it was just out of this world. However, no pictures as I was without a camera and then in Canberra for the Art Exhibition. I then went back and bought every single bottle! As I love this polish over cremes.

I must admit I get bored and as a result you can see I layered this over China Glaze Atlantis, hence the title of this entry.

This has just amped up Atlantis no end!

I would say this is similar to OPI Save Me, although that has different coloured bar glitter in it, this is just non-stop holographic.


  1. Freaking awesome!!! Have not seen this polish brand