Saturday, 24 March 2012

12 Hour Days!

Twelve hour days means no time for nails or anything else for that matter, so instead this weekend I'll show you my mani, which was the base for my entry to Cathy's recent Nail Art Competition.

This is China Glaze Glittering Garland, not looking particularly glittery in the brilliant sunshine, but it is a deep rich green like a fir tree. So easy to apply and perfect coverage in one coat but I did two.

And could I leave that alone? No! I layered one coat Finger Paints Flecked over the top followed by the all important topcoat Seche Vite to make this ultra glossy. The sun has made this look very orange in the bottle when in fact its green flakies.

These pictures were taken in the shade, and you can see the glass flecks in Glittering Garland a lot more clearly.

And here you can see those wonderful flakies turning  between green and blue!


  1. Pretty! I love green polish!

    1. Thank you Labmuffin, I adore blue polish but green is making its way in there too!