Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ozotic Pro 528 Joins the Party!

This is two coats of Ozotic Pro Electra 528 followed by one coat of Seche Vite on top of my previous mani. (To recap: that was Ozotic Pro 505 layered over OPI Blue My Mind)

Ozotic Pro 528 is a glitter type of polish and has the same colour shift as Ozotic Pro 505 green/blue to purple to hot pink.

In this picture you can see that each nail is showing a different colour, this polish is amazing. It looks a bit gritty here but it isn't at all after putting a top coat on.

And in the shade this polish is just as good if not better!

Peacock nails, I just adore this colour and polish combination!

Another picture, and I noticed when I was angling my nails for these photos, there appeared a gold/green flash from somewhere!

I'm sorry there are so many photo's but I wanted to make sure you could see how stunning these Ozotic Pro polishes are. They apply so well too.

Did I need to include this photo too? Probably not, but oh well.

And lastly the out of focus shot, to show the sparkles!

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