Wednesday, 11 April 2012

VICTORIANA Sands of Time

This is three coats of Victoriana Sands of Time layered over one coat of Chanel Peridot, plus one coat of Seche Vite.

This is predominately gold glitter in a clear suspension base with three other colours. It has medium size blue, pink, black and gold hexs with a ton of gold glitter. It is very pretty and sparkly and apparently one of my customer's today, thought it reminded her of the sixties and seventies when everyone wore sparkly polish! I personally think it looks like gold lame with sequins.

Unfortunately Sydney could only offer some very pale sunshine this morning so these pictures are not showing the wonderful sparkle.
I think if I had to choose between this gold glitter and the only other one I have in my collection, I would have to choose Butter London Tart with a Heart, purely because it has holographic glitter in it.


  1. that's a fascinating mix of glitter. I like the little bits of colour.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, those little bits of colour are very sparse, and unfortunately the gold hexs did not show up in the pictures that I took.