Saturday, 26 May 2012

A One Week Mani with Ozotic Pro 513

Its with great sadness that I hear that Ozotic Pro are discontinuing their 500 series of holographic polishes! And yet one of their most beautiful is Ozotic Pro 513 a lovely burgundy wine colour.

When I did my mani last weekend I didn't realize just how busy my week was going to turn out, consequently what your seeing here is a seven, yes I said seven! day old mani. And only the slightest bit of tip wear to show for it.

So how does my mani last so long? Well always base coat Fabulous Triple Tough Power Gel, (painted on the underside of my tips as well) Two coats of China Glaze Draped in Velvet which is actually a teensy bit more pink than the Ozotic Pro 513. Two coats of Ozotic Pro 513 and then I think it was one possibly two coats of Seche Vite.

The "Arty Shot" where I was hoping to show the two polish's having the same base colour, even though this shot was taken in the shade there is still an awful lot of light bouncing off the holographic particles in the Ozotic Pro.

And a bonus shot because the holographic Ozotic Pro 513 is so pretty!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I don't own any Ozotics but I'm tempted to pick some up with them being discontinued :)

    1. Thank you PassionForPolish, you won't be disappointed with them I can assure you.

  2. stunning photos. Ozotics rule! Let's hope they come out with some new even bettereerererererers xxxx