Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ozotic Pro 530

If you read my last entry you will know I recently bought two Ozotic Pro polishes whilst ordering for my sister in the UK. Well this is the second Polish I ordered for myself, Ozotic Pro 530. It has the same colour shift as the 520 but as a glittery finish, with the added bonus of pink specks in it. I layered this over my previous Ozotic Pro 520, Ultra3 Chocolate Cake mani.

And I must just say, I think you can have too much of a good thing! As I absolutely loved my Ozotic Pro 520 mani, but layering on the 530 killed it! I still think this is a pretty polish though, but in future I will be wearing it over a plain cream for maximum effect.


  1. I've not seen 530 layered over 520, so thanks for trying it out! It still looks gorgeous in your pictures!

    1. Thank you Kitties26 you are very kind.

  2. this combo is pretty awesome!