Sunday, 17 June 2012

Grey Skies Plus Grey Polish

Does NOT equal dreary! Not when we are talking about the fabulous Layla Hologram Effect Flash Black! Just look at those rainbows and tell me they will not lift your mood when you are faced with grey skies again!

I have previously worn this on my tootsies and didn't really like it (OMG! What was I thinking?) Well  in my defence, they are some way away, and I just didn't notice the holographic goodness as much!

This time I did two base coats to get my nails as smooth as possible then three coats of Layla Flash Black and shock horror NO top coat. Consequently I had a small nick before I had even left the house. This mani still managed to last two days with only a further few little nicks. So I might go back to my usual routine of two coats of holographic colour, one coat of Seche Vite and then a further coat of the holographic colour.

And a bonus shot just because I love holographic rainbows! I have plenty more but thought it best to end here.


  1. I tried it with Seche Vite as topcoat, no sandwich, and I didn't see that much dulling, it was very minimal. Definitely not like NFU Oh! Now that is bad, Seche Vite turns it into a scatter holo Hahahahaa!

  2. This looks beautiful on you! I can't believe how strong the holographic effect in this is!

    1. Thank you PassionForPolish you are very kind.