Monday, 11 June 2012

To Lighten Up a Dreary Day!

Well here in Sydney its the long weekend and what do we have? Torrential rain. Back in the UK this would be the norm for a public holiday, but here in Sydney I expected better! 

Anyway enough about the weather, instead let's move on to something far more fun. One of the best bargain glitter topcoats I have found has been Easy Paris #22 which has bar and specks silver holographic glitter. It is just so beautiful to see on a nice sunny day. I usually always wear one coat over Picture Polish Wisteria, but here I have used two coats (we have had some dreary days) plus Seche Vite top coat

And the out of focus shot so you can see just how glittery this is, as my camera was not picking up the extraordinarily beautiful rainbows on my nails.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sarah Claire it is as you say, awesome!

  2. Wow look at the blurry shot! So pretty! I'm definitely over the rain ruining my photos :(