Sunday, 22 July 2012


The second I saw this bottle appear on the internet I was drooling and I knew I had to have it! I mean glitter in a crystal cap bottle, what's not to like? So now it's in my possession and does it live up to expectations? Yes, make that a resounding YES!

So without further ado let me introduce you to Nails Inc Limited Edition Jubilee, a polish Nails Inc created for the Queen's Jubilee. Not quite red white and blue, it is in fact scarlet, silver and sky blue glitter in a clear base. And it is just so pretty!

On to my mani then, two coats of Nails Inc Jubilee which has great coverage by the way, and then Seche Vite top coat to make everything glassy smooth.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm such a fan of crystal caps! I think this one is my favourite so far!

  2. So jealous, I love this one! Huge nails inc fan over here.