Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ozotic Pro 520 ReVisited!

I was going out for a special occasion for work and having decided on my outfit, I then had to decide on my polish! The last time I wore said outfit, I was gutted that my Ozotic Pro 520 hadn't arrived in time (it was waiting at the post office to be picked up) and I had to go out with lilac nails. I shudder now at the memory, because I ran out of time and couldn't change my polish. If I remember rightly I was hunting for my crackle (as we were practically walking out the door) to tone it down a bit but couldn't find that either! So what better opportunity to see if the two would go together as well as I thought they would. Long story short, they did! This mani was two coats of Ultra3 Chocolate Cake and only one coat of Ozotic Pro 520 followed by Seche Vite top coat. Using just the one coat of Ozotic Pro 520 made my mani more russet and the colour shift wasn't as obvious.

And here is a comparison picture of a previous mani using two coats of Ozotic Pro 520 which heightens the colour change making it more golden which I now prefer!

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  1. Nossa que cor mais linda amei...
    Querida se puder vota nessa minha enquete