Thursday, 16 August 2012

Killing Not Two BUT Three Birds With One Stone!

Here we have all three lined up, unfortunately it has done little to deplete my untried's as another sixteen have turned up!

I was in Portmans the other day, buying bangles- when buy two polishes for $10 sign caught my eye, usual price $7.95 this was before I found out about the Savvy brand. The choice was limited to blues and reds or pinks, so I choose this Blueberry and Teal. Not exactly names to set you on fire either! Portmans Blueberry is a blue inky black I used two coats for this mani. Out of Portmans and Savvy, I much prefer Savvy for brush and formula plus their exciting names.

Next up is Darling Diva Polish Anita, large red, blue and white hexs with some small holographic sparkles in a clear base on an accent nail. I'm afraid I didn't like the matt white hexs so I've been picking them out! I think Darling Diva Anita with just the shiny red and blue hexs and holographic glitter looks just gorgeous layered over dark colours.

And lastly, one coat of Models Prefer Ruby Slippers layered on all my nails. This is a fine red glitter with a smattering of small red and silver hexs in a clear base. This combo helped tame my way out there accent nail! (Well way out to me, as I usually shy away from accent nails). Followed by two coats of Seche Vite to make every thing glassy smooth.


  1. Our polishes seem to multiply like rabbits,don't they? Lovely combo!

    1. Thank you Thalie. You're telling me, Brand's Exclusive shouldn't have had a Revlon sale and Picture Polish have an awful lot to answer for with their new collections!