Saturday, 18 August 2012

Still On A Brown Kick!

Having rediscovered my love for brown from the seventies, when I wore the colour ALOT! I have been busy collecting brown polishes, and here is one that I could not pass up Picture Polish Demeter and as the saying so aptly puts it, it's "for all the down to earth goddesses!" out there. And let me tell you it is beautiful in real life, but you guessed it the sun has washed out the colour for my camera once again. Those holographic particles glow every colour of the rainbow!

Here it is in semi shade and you can see the colour is very rich looking. This was two coats, although you could get away with just the one. Followed by Seche Vite top coat. All the Picture Polish shades I have are very long lasting and seem resistant to chipping. And yes this has gone straight into My Top 40 which shall be renamed My Top 50! My good intentions of removing a polish so that a new favourite could take it's place have sadly fallen by the wayside!

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