Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hola Holographic Nails!

This beautiful nail polish has been touted as being a better holographic polish than Chanel Platinum! As I've only ever seen pictures of the Chanel Platinum I can't really comment on that. What I can say about this particular polish is WOW! You even get to see the holographic rainbows in lowlight too.  

So what brand is this polish? It's a brand from Denmark called Fnug. Unfortunately it also needs its own particular aqua undies. Plus if you use a top coat, you dull the linear  holograph making it less noticeable and scattered. And it gets worse, without a topcoat to protect this mani, after a day of work my mani looked the worse for wear. As for cost, they cost an arm and a leg what with 25% VAT and postage etc. Fnug also only do three holographic colours silver, pale blue and pale green plus the undies. Was it worth it? Yes make that a very BIG YES if you want something special that is on par with the elusive Chanel Platinum.

So on to my mani, this is one base coat, one coat aqua undies, and then two coats Fnug 38 Psychedelic

The two small imperfections on my ring finger are actually my rough nail showing through and have absolutely nothing to do with this spectacular polish.

And lastly a low light shot without flash and you can still see a very clear rainbow.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spotting A New Trend in Nails!

With my finger on the pulse I've spotted a new trend in nails, and I can tell you all, it's PINK!
My daughter was having a girlie day with Miss2, and the only colour acceptable was PINK! I also love Miss2's pose, which shows that pink polish to perfection.
I just wish I could have been there to share in all the fun, although I'm not the biggest fan of PINK!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Nails Fit For A Queen!

Rumour has it that Nails Inc Elizabeth Street was THE nail polish of choice for Kate Middleton's wedding mani! Nails Inc is a sheer pink nude colour which has a very pearlized finish in just one coat. But the more coats you use this effect is lost.

So on a very special day last week I had an hour to do my mani before going out to dinner!  I decided on Nails Inc Elizabeth Street as I wanted something very simple. I would have just left it at one coat but my nails are a tiny bit stained so this was in fact four coats. This is slightly too pink for my skin tone to give me mannequin hands. And I didn't take any photos either oops.

And then it was the weekend, so what do I do? Reach for the glitter! And I chose Models Prefer All That Glitters, which is a new favourite of mine. This mani is so sweet and pretty and it's drawn a fair few compliments too that I've only just removed it tonight, I've loved it that much!

Shade pictures which shows just how pretty Models Prefer All that Glitters is, and why it has made its way into My Top Fifty.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

And Then There Was Glitter!

Well Models Prefer All That Glitters to be exact. This glitter looks to be in a clear blue base, which is just one of the reasons I bought it for actually, but it goes on clear so it's just a very, very subtle blue colour. It has tiny size red and silver hexs, turquoise and lavender specks and fine holographic dust which shows up lots of different colours.

A shade picture where you can see that this is a very pretty and delicate looking glitter. Plus you get to see the reason why nobody really noticed that I was wearing two different colour polishes.

Friday, 21 September 2012

My Most Audacious Mani Yet!

These are the culprits, Essence Absolutely Blue and Essence A Lovely Secret, can you guess what I did for my most audacious mani yet?

I painted every other nail Essence Absolutely Blue, seen here on my pinkie and middle fingers. And then on the missing nails Essence A Lovely Secret, seen here on my ring finger. This was way out of my comfort zone, but the colours matched nicely and didn't look too out there! I even wore this mani for a couple of days before I glittered it up!

So onto the colours Essence Absolutely Blue is a lovely summer sky blue and Essence A Lovely Secret is a soft lavender colour with a secret purple shimmer which is very subtle and can only just be seen here in my pictures.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Hunter Valley Wine Tasting!

So on our way to sojourn in wine tasting country, we stopped at a rest stop. Let me draw you a picture, red stiletto's immaculate white three quarter pants and a grey and white top with red roses standing on gravel wailing about no shop, no clean amenities with snow white tiles, When my Australian husband said the immortal words " You don't do 'roughing it' do you!" As if he didn't already know! For our short three day break I had five sets of clothes each with their own shoes, accessories etc etc. so you can see the extent of the problem he faces every time we travel!
Anyway on to the important stuff, what nail polish could I choose that would go with, and compliment the five different outfits-

China Glaze Atlantis of course! And since I have been using a PVA glue peel off base, removal of all my glitters has never been easier. I use it for every mani now because I have been known to put a glitter top coat on after a day or two. In case you are wondering about my application I put a blob on one nail and with a wet paintbrush smooth it out so it covers my entire nail and then move on to the next one. When they are all dry, I go on to do my normal mani.

A shade picture of the gorgeous China Glaze Atlantis followed by a very christmassy looking out of focus shot, where you can easily pick out all the different colours sparkling away!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Blue And Green Should Never Be Seen! Oh really!!

You all know the old saying "Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between" Well let me tell you what a load of hogwash, especially when we are talking about Picture Polish Krytonite and Orbit! I mean those colours were made to be seen together. And everybody thought I was wearing a very expensive mani, that took a great deal of time to achieve. When in reality all I did was paint french tips in Picture Polish Orbit and sponge a bit in the middle to break up the solid line.

Then two coats of Seche Vite and we were good to go another couple of days!

I love how Picture Polish Orbit having a teeny bit of silver sparkle really made this mani look a million dollars.

Both of these polishes are now firmly ensconced in my Top Fifty!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Super Powers = Kryptonite

Well my super powers have not held up too well in trying to get a decent photo of the gorgeous Picture Polish Kryptonite! The best photo was a quick click snapshot and shows Kryptonite in all its beautiful dark green holographic glory! Picture Polish Kryptonite is from the collaboration collection and was created in conjunction with Cathy who writes the Australian blog More Nail Polish
And the best of the rest follows-

It did not matter how much I mucked about with the settings on my camera, Picture Polish Kryptonite just did not want to play nice. This was two coats, although one would have been enough, plus Seche Vite top coat.

A shade shot where you can see more of the beautiful highly saturated green colour and the holographic particles shown particularly well on the top nail! Oh well keep on trucking as they say! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Excuse Me Miss, Your Petticoat Is Showing!"

You might have to be English to get the gist of the title or even dare I say it on the "old" side! Suffice it to say, it's my novel introduction to Nails Inc Petticoat Lane, a wonderful pinky, glittery polish that is absolutely stunning. The above bottle picture is colour correct I'm pleased to say. This polish is exceptionally glittery too.

I love Nails Inc polish with their London street names (read homesick alleviating) and Petticoat Lane is a very pretty raspberry coloured polish with pinky glitter. This was two coats followed by one coat of Seche Vite.