Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hola Holographic Nails!

This beautiful nail polish has been touted as being a better holographic polish than Chanel Platinum! As I've only ever seen pictures of the Chanel Platinum I can't really comment on that. What I can say about this particular polish is WOW! You even get to see the holographic rainbows in lowlight too.  

So what brand is this polish? It's a brand from Denmark called Fnug. Unfortunately it also needs its own particular aqua undies. Plus if you use a top coat, you dull the linear  holograph making it less noticeable and scattered. And it gets worse, without a topcoat to protect this mani, after a day of work my mani looked the worse for wear. As for cost, they cost an arm and a leg what with 25% VAT and postage etc. Fnug also only do three holographic colours silver, pale blue and pale green plus the undies. Was it worth it? Yes make that a very BIG YES if you want something special that is on par with the elusive Chanel Platinum.

So on to my mani, this is one base coat, one coat aqua undies, and then two coats Fnug 38 Psychedelic

The two small imperfections on my ring finger are actually my rough nail showing through and have absolutely nothing to do with this spectacular polish.

And lastly a low light shot without flash and you can still see a very clear rainbow.

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  1. Wow I've seen a few pictures of this polish and I'm really impressed with the strength of its rainbow! I love it!