Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Hunter Valley Wine Tasting!

So on our way to sojourn in wine tasting country, we stopped at a rest stop. Let me draw you a picture, red stiletto's immaculate white three quarter pants and a grey and white top with red roses standing on gravel wailing about no shop, no clean amenities with snow white tiles, When my Australian husband said the immortal words " You don't do 'roughing it' do you!" As if he didn't already know! For our short three day break I had five sets of clothes each with their own shoes, accessories etc etc. so you can see the extent of the problem he faces every time we travel!
Anyway on to the important stuff, what nail polish could I choose that would go with, and compliment the five different outfits-

China Glaze Atlantis of course! And since I have been using a PVA glue peel off base, removal of all my glitters has never been easier. I use it for every mani now because I have been known to put a glitter top coat on after a day or two. In case you are wondering about my application I put a blob on one nail and with a wet paintbrush smooth it out so it covers my entire nail and then move on to the next one. When they are all dry, I go on to do my normal mani.

A shade picture of the gorgeous China Glaze Atlantis followed by a very christmassy looking out of focus shot, where you can easily pick out all the different colours sparkling away!

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