Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baby Blue

Continuing with the Ozotic Pro 900 series, here is 903 a beautiful baby blue. Which has the duochrome glass flecks turning blue through to pink.

And the undies of choice was Nubar Blue Hydrangea a soft baby blue colour from Nubar Spring Garden Collection 2011 (YES the first time I went and bought an entire collection of  nail polish!) So on to my mani two coats of Nubar Blue Hydrangea followed by two coats of Ozotic Pro 903, a  coat of Seche Vite to protect my mani. And then then to finish one coat of Ozotic Pro 903 again to really bling out my nails.
I find that by doing my mani this particular way the Seche Vite coat protects my mani, whilst the last coat of Ozotic Pro 903 gives out that wonderful sparkle and glitter without any dulling.  


The obligatory indoor shot where you can see the gorgeous soft colour change going on!