Thursday, 20 December 2012

Guest Post!

Miss2 along with her brother Mr3 and their parents came to stay with us for a short while in order for us to have our Christmas early.
Miss2's choice on day one was Victoriana's Steel Reverie a sheer pale pink with a ton of holographic sparkles and bar glitter. Mr3 also decided that this polish was right up his street so he too, was also polished to perfection.

On day two, whilst Mr3 and his dad were out fishing (they caught puffer fish if anyone is interested) Miss2 decided on pink polish. And after much consideration of the pink/purple drawer of 38 polishes Miss2 made her choice and here it is in all its holographic beauty Ozotic Pro 513 which is now sadly discontinued.


  1. Beautifully chosen Miss 2, and a lovely hand pose too. My Miss 2 is completely jealous and wants to do a blog post now too!

    1. Thank you Kitties26 you are very kind, and of course your Miss 2 should grace us with her blog post too.