Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pastel Skittles!

How pretty are these Chi Chi Pastels? They are super gorgeous and drew loads of comments at work; ranging from "schizophrenic nails" to "I used to do that in the sixties"  and the guys certainly noticed too! I can't really take all the credit because I actually saw this mani on Konadlicious' Blog and whilst I definitely wanted the pastel collection I was a bit chicken to try out this out, until I thought what the hell who would notice!! Chi Chi also have two other collections out  at the moment one is Brights and the other is Glitter, all three collections are currently $15 in Target.

And to prove I have a right hand, here are the other four colours in the collection. And so on to my mani, each colour was three coats followed by a Seche Vite top coat. All the colours applied perfectly and my favourite out of the bunch if I had to chose would be the light purple one.


  1. Very cute! Are they mini sized bottles for that price?

    1. Thank you Belinda, these are indeed super cute! Chi Chi are usually sold in round bottles, but these collections are full size square bottles. They work out to just under $2 each a fabulous bargain when the singles are $5-$6 each.

  2. That's a great buy... I have a few Chi Chis and they are great. Will have to take a look in Target!