Thursday, 10 January 2013

Limited Edition Beam 507

Here I'm showing you Ozotic Pro 507, which Picture Polish have just announced that it has become a Limited Edition shade! The Ozotic Pro Sugar and Beam Collection are just too pretty for words, I've already swatched the Sugar part of the Collection and now I'm moving on to the Beam part.

The Beam Collection are top coats and don't really show their true beauty until layered over another colour. Here I have chosen Pretty Serious Tux, a beautiful black with a teal green shimmer to give it some depth. Pretty Serious Tux is brilliantly glossy by itself, but in these pictures I do have a Seche Vite top coat, as this was my mani for a few days.

This is one coat of Ozotic Pro Beam 507 over Tux. Ozotic Pro Beam 507 has blue and yellow glass flecks making it look very foil like in the shade but very sparkly in the sunlight, a win win state of affairs!


  1. I'm totally lusting over the ozotic sugar and beam collection, they all look so incredible <3