Sunday, 10 February 2013

Focusing on Picture Polish Focus

So I wore my Picture Polish Majesty for the whole week! And it got to Thursday night when I thought I really have to change my polish otherwise people will start to talk. I wanted to do something quite quick i.e. not a full mani from scratch, when my eyes alighted on Picture Polish Focus, which matched one of the colours in Femme Fatale's Gilded Rose. Picture Polish Focus is a beautiful magenta colour which exactly matches red onions once you have peeled the outside skin off! I was mesmerised by this discovery and I couldn't stop comparing them, I even showed my husband.

This must count as one of my laziest mani's ever, and it will only work over a pale colour...after a quick file and washed with washing up liquid to remove any grease and grime, this is two coats of Picture Polish Focus plus a top coat of Seche Vite. 
This mani is just as pretty as the majesty one, and once again three days later it is still going strong. Picture Polish's polishes wear like iron and I rarely have tip wear let alone chipping even though I work full time etc. etc.

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