Sunday, 17 March 2013

May The Luck O' The Irish Be With You!

St Patrick's Day, 17th March, when the Irish celebrate being Irish and the rest of us join in with the old "any excuse for a party is a good one!" So I'm going to wish each and every one of you all the Irish Luck in the world with my paddy's day mani. But alas, alack no four leaf clovers though, oh well on to my mani...

This polish has been sitting on my desk since I received it two months ago. My bad... I thought it was just a green polish, when in fact it is anything but! Picture Polish Jade is a beautiful creamy soft green touched with a blue undertone plus a very subtle shimmer running through it. And yes you've guessed it I now hold Picture Polish Jade in as high esteem as my beloved Wisteria. This was three coats for depth.

Picture Polish Tiffany closely matches those coveted little boxes, I know  I just had to compare. Anyway Picture Polish Tiffany is a pale aqua unfortunately a bit streaky on the first
coat, but two more coats soon sorted that out.


Now the tricky part finding your four leaf clover, I'm afraid I had neither the time or the patience! So three leaves it is. Carefully squish them flat either on paper underneath very heavy books or between your thumb and forefinger (which I choose to do, as you have more control over how they will lay) Put a coat of long drying top coat on and carefully put your clover in place and tap it to stick down. Then another top coat, and as that dries if the clover lifts away tap it down. Unfortunately all those layers of long drying top coat have created bubbles, but they are not really that noticeable in real life. Once it was all dry and flat I then put a coat of  Seche Vite on all my nails


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