Sunday, 14 April 2013

Paint It Blue For April Autism Awareness Month

Having taken eleventy billion pictures, I have reached the sad conclusion that my camera does not like green! I have shot four sets of pictures over two days and not one of them shows the lovely blue/green colour play I can see so clearly in real life. So I'm afraid this is the best of a bad job.

And I so wanted to get it right as April is Autism Awareness Month where nail bloggers are painting it blue to shine attention on Autism.

The players in my mani in order of use are OPI Blue My Mind (my favourite blue); Ozotic Pro 505, Ozotic Pro 528 (now sadly discontinued) which change between green, blue and purple; Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale  blue and green hexes; and Skinfood Sparkle #5 a beautiful sapphire with red and purple specks.

So on to my mani then, this was three coats of OPI Blue My Mind on all four fingers and three coats of Skin Food Sparkle #5 on my thumb.

Then I added two coats of Ozotic Pro 505 to my ring finger Ozotic Pro 528 to my middle finger and lastly Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale to my index finger. This had the effect of going from plain blue on my pinkie to a smooth green colour change with ever larger particles finishing up with the green and blue hexs of Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tale on my index finger.

The Skin Food Sparkle #5 was there for when the Ozotic Pro's changed to purple plus I think its very pretty in its own right.

And lastly, the only sunlit picture where you can see the colour changes gonig on!

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