Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pretty Serious - Santa's Sunburn

Yes I know I'm late to the party! But I have finally turned up, we are talking about Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn part of their Christmas collection. Santa's Sunburn is a bright red foil with silver sparkles, although I must admit I found it really hard to see the silver as I was convinced it was gold! My Chinese customers were really in awe of this polish declaring it Chinese red and very auspicious!

On to my mani then, three coats of Pretty Serious Santa's Sunburn, two would have been enough but I was going for depth as I knew this polish would be very glowy! Followed by a top coat of Seche Vite. Due to the fact I do my mani's at night and a distinct lack of time I seem to be taking my pictures towards the end of my mani's so this was probably taken on day four or five which means the teeniest bit of tip wear so please excuse that, because this polish is so pretty!

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