Thursday, 30 May 2013

Picture Polish Marine

It was only after I had painted my nails that I thought that looks very much like Barbara Cartland colours! (years ago I saw a programme about Barbara Cartland a romantic novelist in her eighties and my memory from that show was that she always dressed in baby pink almost ballroom type dresses with turquoise eyeshadow) Hmmm anyway moving on, just look at that teal blue can't you just picture the most amazing holiday destination with the ocean that colour? I certainly can! And this was just the one coat too.

The pink is most definitely a baby pink its Sally Hansen First Blush a very sheer polish that took three coats to achieve the opacity shown here.

On to my mani then, three coats of Sally Hansen First Blush, then one coat of Seche Vite followed by half an hour wait to make sure it was perfectly dry. Next stage I actually did my nails one at a time by, first taping a diagonal and then just one yes I said one coat of Picture Polish Marine on the untaped half. I then carefully took that tape off before moving on to the next nail. When I had finished both hands I then did the bright pink dots with Templespa Positano, using my new dotting tool from Avon which was a gift from my sister in the UK. After allowing the dots to dry abit, I then used one coat of Seche Vite. The Sally Hansen First Blush and Templespa Positano were both gifted to me from a good friend who was returning to the UK sans nail polish!

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