Monday, 29 July 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

Celebrating the Year of the Blogger

I was so excited to have been selected to take part in the once a year world wide phenomena that is the Picture Polish Blog Fest. I couldn't wait to see what colours the girls at Picture Polish had chosen for my challenge which was to create your most ‘amazing nail art manicure ever’ using the three piCture pOlish shades provided. 

My three shades are piCture pOlish Mad Magenta a light purple cream, piCture pOlish Peacock a green glitter in a purple base and piCture pOlish Hot Lips a bright neon pink pictured above. And they sat on my desk for at least a week whilst I contemplated the enormity of the challenge, before I started playing and planning designs with them. This then generated alot of interest at work when I turned up with a different design on each nail, all of which I then discounted!

First of all I used  piCture pOlish Revolution as my base coat, I then did three coats of Picture Polish Peacock on my index, middle and pinkie fingers and three coats of Sally Hansen White On on my thumb and ring finger. I must admit I then went and did the washing whilst I considered whether I wanted to do a safe design or something I had never tried before!

I went with something I have never tried before, after all this is meant to be my most ‘amazing nail art manicure ever’! I grabbed a medium double ended dotting tool and put a couple of drops of  piCture pOlish Hot Lips and piCture pOlish  Mad Magenta onto a small mixing dish. I then alternated between the two colours and just dotted irregular spots onto my nails.

It really doesn't matter what shapes you end up with because we are doing a leopard print!

Next I put a couple of drops of piCture pOlish Peacock into a dish and with a very fine dotting tool I just outlined my spots with C's and irregular lines and dot's.

I was so proud of my mani that I probably took far too many photos, I then had a horrendous job of choosing the next set of photos which were taken after a clean up and with the addition of a Seche Vite top coat.



For those that don't know me, I very rarely swatch colours, what you see on my blog are mani's that I wear. So to prove that this mani is really easy and you can't really go wrong here is my left hand.

There are quite a few bloggers worldwide taking part in Blog Fest 2013 and all the nail art creations go into the running to be chosen to create a collaboration shade with piCture pOlish to be launched in 2014. How cool is that? To be able to take part in creating a new nail polish. There will only be three Awards and they will be voted and chosen as follows via piCture pOlish's special Pinterest Blog Fest 2013 Board:
  • 1 x Award - as voted by PP friends and fans
  • 1 x Award - as voted by the participants of Blog Fest 2013
  • 1 x Award - as voted by Jules & Megs of piCture pOlish 


Fluorescent Light

piCture pOlish has Shipping, Network and Everyday Deals pages where you can find all the infromation you need to be able to buy your own piCture pOlish shades. And here is the link for you to start right now Buy on-line now

You can also keep in touch with piCture pOlish via the following social media links
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And here is the hash tag to see all the most ‘amazing nail art manicures ever’  in the one place #‎ppblogfest2013‬

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Girly Bits Emerald City Lights

The lovely Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics sent me two nail polishes to review recently and I was in nail polish heaven when I opened the package to discover:

Girly Bits Emerald City Lights! OK so why all the excitement then? Well when I first started seeing photos on the Internet I knew it was a polish that I absolutely had to own as there doesn't seem to be anything like it at all. Girly Bits Emerald City Lights is a sheer green base with a blue shimmer in it, and looks spectacular layered over black.

On to my mani then, one coat of Covergirl Black Diamond, one coat of Girly Bits Emerald City Lights and one coat of Seche Vite!

If you would like your own Girly Bits nail polish then visit Femme Fatale Cosmetics besides the excellent service you will receive from Sophie you can also satisfy your lemmings for many other Indie polishes along with her own line of polishes which are just gorgeous (of which I have a fair few myself).

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Favourites Of OPI Euro Centrale Part Two!

So then on to my favourites of OPI Euro Centrale Part Two - when I first got the collection there were four polishes that I immediately loved, the first two I have reviewed here. The second two are OPI Eurso Euro a beautiful rich blue cream leaning the tiniest bit towards purple and OPI You're Such A Budapest a lovely lavender cream. And once again my camera has not picked up any of the purple hues. (If this carries on I might have to start photoshopping the colour grrr.)

On to my mani then, first I taped the bottom half of my nails off and did two coats of OPI Eurso Euro and then removed the tape. Next I very carefully brushed OPI You're Such A Budapest down the bottom half of my nail. When both coats were dry I positioned silver stripping tape over the join and then completed my mani with a top coat of Seche Vite. After I had finished it suddenly struck me that my nails looked similar to faberge eggs!

photo from ebay of a Joan Rivers Egg

Friday, 19 July 2013

Talia Joy - Mint Mani

This picture was the very last Instagram update of Talia Joy Castellano featuring a mint manicure adorning the hands of Talia, her mother, and her dear friend Tammy.

On one of the nail community boards I belong to Nail Polish Wars suggested that Friday  should be Mint Manis for Talia Joy, and I am more than happy to add my contribution to show my love and support to brave Talia Joy and her family.

So on to my mani then, three coats of Ulta3 Corsican Rose the beautiful pale mint green that I had to hunt high and low for followed by:-

- one coat of Nubar Dewdrop, a very delicate and beautiful holographic tiny glitter in a clear base to try and capture the essence of Talia Joy who has now sadly lost her battle with cancer.

Check out the other blog links below for their show of support for Talia and her family! There is also a hashtag circulating for this, which is #MintManisFarTaliaJoy, so be sure to check out the other social media sites too! For anyone posting anything about Talia, her family have asked that we use the hashtag #TaliasLegacy as well.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A England - Rose Bower

Have you ever seen a more perfect red? No? Neither have I! So which red are we talking about, well its A England Rose Bower, the most gorgeous pinky red holographic polish I own. As we are unable to get A England here in Australia at the moment I made an order with Llarowe for the whole Burne-Jones Dream Collection. But I do have good news for Australian buyers the lovely Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics  will soon be stocking A England. Hooray! A England polishes are just so gorgeous and apply perfectly.

On to my mani then two perfect coats of A England Rose Bower followed by a Seche Vite top coat which did nothing to dull the absolute brilliance of Rose Bower!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Girly, Girly!

When I was in the Chemist Warehouse the other day, there was a separate Revlon stand with their new colours on it, and somehow Revlon Girly made its way into my shopping basket! And I am glad it did as it is such a pretty colour, being a pale pink crelly base with super Girly purple, pink and fuchsia hexes.  This was two coats and I had no problems at all with glitter placement, followed by a Seche Vite topcoat.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Waiting For Summer With Revlon Mock Snob

This is a mani from last summer that I have not shown yet, I bought Revlon Mock Snob along with a fair few others from either brandsExclusive or Buy Invite I can't remember which, when they were having a sale of of Revlon Cosmetics and the nail polishes were roughly half price (the normal price being around the $13 mark in Direct Chemist Warehouse). My daughter egged me to get Revlon Mock Snob purely for the name! And I am glad I did, it's a beautiful neon orange and perfect for summer, which can't come soon enough in my opinion.

On to my mani then, two coats of Revlon Mock Snob followed by one coat of Seche Vite.
What colours are you waiting to wear for summer?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Favourites Of OPI Euro Centrale Part One!

There was a brief spell of sunshine in the week of rain we've just recently had, when I was able to quickly take these pictures. And I'm glad to be able to show you my favourites from OPI's Euro Centrale Collection. OPI Polka.Com is a pink, purple and turquoise super sparkly hex glitter in a clear base, the perfect topper for most of the other colours in the Euro Centrale Collection.  These photos were taken on day five of my mani, so consequently there is the slightest bit of tip wear.

On to my mani then, two coats of OPI Vant To Bite My Neck? A beautiful purple creme which actually has a tinge more red in it than is showing in my photos (I blame the photographer myself). With one coat of OPI Polka.Com on my ring finger and thumb, and then one coat of the obligatory Seche Vite.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Winners of the British Nail Bloggers Giveaway!!

The massive British Nail Bloggers Giveaway finished last Friday.
It ran for three weeks and attracted 65,815 entries. What an amazing competition to be a part of!
As it has now come to an end, those of us who sponsored it are pleased to be able to announce the winners of the $100 gift certificate and the three $50 gift certificates – all of which can be used at any online nail polish e-tailer of the winner’s choice.
So, without further ado, congratulations go to the following winners:
  • 1st prize – a $100 gift certificate – Lena Payne
  • 2nd prize – a $50 gift certificate – Nina Wilson
  • 2nd prize – a $50 gift certificate – Courtney Beck
  • 2nd prize – a $50 gift certificate – Kris Wilson
Congratulations to the winners. To claim your prize, please email, before the end of Wednesday 3rd July. Happy spending!

A massive Thank You to everyone for entering – if you followed me, I hope you enjoy reading my blog.