Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cult Nails Kiss-

When Cult Nails had their pre-sale on for the set of four polishes in their Passionate Dreams Collection I was a bit hesitant to buy them as there was a wax finish polish in there that I was unsure about. I like my nails to be glossy or sparkly or both together! Anyhoo I stuck Cult Nails Kiss on my mitts and decided I could always take it off after the photos. Well after getting used to the soft effect and gorgeous colour, Kiss stayed on for the week. (I'm not quite there with matte polish yet).

Cult Nails Kiss is a true red, that looks a bit darker than my photos are showing. On to my mani then, two coats of Kiss although this did cover in one coat. Because it chipped a bit I then put a coat of Seche Vite on, which made the colour a beautiful glossy scarlet which is also stunning by the way. Then another coat of Kiss which still gave the soft wax finish and the sandwich of Seche Vite put a stop to my chipping issues for the rest of the week.

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