Sunday, 6 April 2014

Addicted To Stamping!

Yes, I have a confession to make! I am officially addicted to stamping! So I'm afraid this blog is going to feature a lot more stamping, is that a bad thing? Only time will tell. Having discovered MoYou Plates and squishy stampers along with using my Kleancolor metallic polishes there is now no stopping me.

Gratuitous shot, I just love the cool tones in this photo! On to my mani then, three coats of Pretty Serious The Pink One, (I wanted to do pink roses) using MoYou London Pro Collection XL 07 stamped with a of Covergirl Black Diamond a one coat black mixed with a small amount of Kleancolor Metallic Black as I was afraid the Covergirl might not stamp by itself.

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