Saturday, 19 April 2014

In Lieu of Easter, I Give You Peacocks!

Easter Time, and do you think I could find my water decals or even inspiration for some nail art? Yep you guessed it a big fat NO! So in casting around I thought I would use Crows Toes Green Thumb Of Doom as a base and go from there. Looking at my MoYou London Mother Nature plate I wondered if I could create something Eastery from that.

I decided to use the peacock portion of the plate and I'm afraid Easter was now a distant memory. I then wanted to use a blue that was sparkly like the sheen on the peacocks feathers, plus it had to show up against the shimmer of the Crows Toes Green Thumb Of Doom so I chose Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle #5

This mani was much more shimmery in real life, but unfortunately the stamping looks washed out in the photos that I took in the sun, so I have only used the shade ones here.
I wish you all a Happy Easter and may the Easter Bunny visit you too.

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