Saturday, 14 June 2014

Swagger Your Tail Feather!

I know the opening title is a bad play on words (Strut your Stuff) but, in my defence, it was the only title that stuck in my mind so we all have to live with it! And I can not believe how the afternoon sun has made my hands look like boiled lobsters either, so try to ignore that and instead concentrate on these gorgeous colours from Picture Polish.

Swagger is a beautiful mid toned blue creme on par with my beloved Wisteria! And Tail Feather is a 2014 collaboration shade with Kayla Shevonne who has described her colour much better than I can here. These were just two coats each and then top coated with Seche Vite. I was going to do some stamping but I thought the polish was too pretty to hide away so instead I used some of my Born Pretty nail studs. This mani created quite a lot of interest at work because it was so striking yet simple and not what the customers have grown used to seeing!

This picture was taken the day before in the morning and the only reason I have not used this set of photos was my dry rough cuticles. They were not really that noticeable in real life but when the photo's were magnified....

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