Sunday, 3 August 2014

MoYou London Tropical!

Well I just couldn't help myself, I got the entire Tropical set from MoYou London which was launched just recently. In fact I ordered on the Friday that they were released and they were in my hot sticky little mitts in Sydney the very next Friday! The designs are just beautiful, my execution not so much.

I was going to do a dark base and then decided at the last minute to go with a nude base Ulta3 Creme Brulee mainly because I couldn't be bothered to go and hunt out the colour I had originally chosen and instead used the one closest to hand. And that's the part I am not particularly enamoured with. Anyhoo moving swiftly on I then stamped MoYou London Tropical Collection 02 on my pinkie, ring and index and Tropical Collection 04 on my middle and thumb with a Mundo De Unas #52 Lemon Tree a lime green. I then stamped various images from Tropical 05 using Mundo De Unas #15 Mexican Pink, #32 Reddish and #54 Iris.

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