Saturday, 9 August 2014

Toffee Apples!

Strange title I know, but my nails remind me of the colour of toffee apples that I loved as a child and still do. I really looked forward to October, November when they were a treat mmmm that red toffee so yummy.

Anyway a picture of toffee apples courtesy of google.

On to my mani then three coats of Ulta3 Red Velvet a vibrant cherry red which is one of Ulta3's new Autumn/Winter releases with one coat of Nubar 2010. Nubar 2010 was one of the first polishes that I saw on someones blog and had to get all those years ago. I recently purchased another bottle because that old one is over half used. That's how much I use it. Nubar 2010 is just jam packed with orange gold flakies that can turn green as well (my camera never picks up that shift though grrr). Followed by one coat of Seche Vite.

I have been trying to do more with my camera and you get to see those results... so here is a close up shot so you can see that the flakies are spread so evenly across the nail.

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