Friday, 30 January 2015

Gearing Up For Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow is the 1st February and with that we are now gearing up for Valentine's Day. So lets start with kisses because after all who doesn't want to be kissed!

This is first venture into skittlette manis and I must say I'm smitten by them, so easy to do and absolutely stunning in real life, where stamping every finger can be too much if there is such a thing! (Not found it to be in my book tho)

On to my mani then, the plain creme on my thumb and pointer is Dior Addict Shock a vibrant true scarlet. Middle, ring and pinkie fingers have three coats of Pretty Serious Red Carpet Treatment part of their Rooftop Soiree Collection so glittery and so perfect! Then just my middle and ring finger were stamped with Lily Anna 01 using Kleancolor Metallic Black. And to finish all top coated with Seche Vite.


  1. Lovely! These are the perfect Valentine's nails!

  2. This manicure looks so beautiful!
    I love your nails, the details look great ;)

  3. The lips are such an awesome effect!