Saturday, 28 February 2015

Qutique Gel Nails = Perfection!

Well call me converted! You remember two posts back I tried the new generation of gels from Qutique, the ones cured by LED lights in half the time? I dreaded having to remove them due to the trauma of using another brand last year, this time however removing Qutique was a piece of cake! And look how well they have left my nails! All I had to do was lightly file the gel and then soak them with acetone for a short while and then scrape. My nails have not been damaged in the slightest

One layer of Base Coat and 20 seconds under the LED lights and look how shiny my nails are all ready!

First layer of colour, here I have used Shadow a dark charcoal black, 20 seconds under the lights.

Second layer of colour and you've guessed it 20 seconds under the lights.

Finally the Top Coat and one minute under the lights. And then a quick wipe with acetone leaves a nice glossy finish. A trick that I have learnt is to completely do one hand first and then the other it seems to have sped up the process a bit. To clean up I smother my nails in hand cream and then wash that off, which lifts bits of gel stuck to my skin and then gently file any other bits off.

And could I have left my nails like that? No (lol) So I stamped Fab Ur Nails FUN 13 using Mundo De Unas #32 Reddish. 

In the past I have used Seche Vite to top coat my nails but that always seems to smear my design on top of these gels so I have been using Glisten & Glow H K Girl which seems to work better. 

And then finally another gel Top Coat and one minute under the lights, wiped with acetone to remove any residue and my nails are super glossy!


  1. Not only do I love these nails - great combo of colors and stamps! And, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the whole process. I'm intrigued by gel polishes...but still a scaredy-cat hold-out...yet after reading this you have given me some confidence to try it out soon. Thanks!!

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