Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cue Cute Owls!

I just adore the cute bedding that is coming out for young toddlers now featuring owls, unfortunately there is no one for me to indulge. Tinkerbell and Elsa now rule the roost! (Absolutely no pun was intended, but after I had written it and realised it, I couldn't delete it! So I'm sorry if you are suffering)

So anyway, I came across Messy Mansion MM19 stamping plate and I had my cute owls on my mitts instead! This is Quitique Snow White for the background and I used Barry M Gellies starting with Kiwi on my index finger, Watermelon on the middle finger and thumb, Blood Orange for the larger cute owl on my ring finger and finally Pink Punch for the smaller owl on my pinkie. As you can see the Barry M Gellies stamp exceptionally well, and my application or technique could use a little work.

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