Saturday, 9 May 2015

Water Marbling Success!

OPI have bought out their new soft shades and I picked up the three that appealed to me most. Here is Chiffon My Mind a soft white with just a tinge of pink and a beautiful blueish delicate shimmer. Without top coat this dries to a satin like finish which I just loved. 

After a day or two of OPI Chiffon My Mind mani, I thought I would have another go at water marbling! I left a cup of water sitting out over night and then just added some tepid water from the kettle when I started. I used Ulta3 Blue Marlin a royal blue, Candy Mohair a peachy pink and Lazy Daisy a beautiful creamy yellow. I think another secret is to work quickly with the dropping in of the polish. I am just so pleased how these turned out. But, isn't it always the way that by the time I had got to my right hand the marbling was starting to look better!

What surprised me most about my mani was the number of comments I received at work, I thought this was anything but perfect, but it seems the customers were of a different opinion.

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  1. It is pretty difficult to combine these two elements and create such wonderful nail art, so you did a really amazing job. Will try this myself and see how it goes.