Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gold Perfection!

Well what can I say this may well have been my most successful mani to date! As soon as I appeared I was getting compliments on my most beautiful and sparkly gold mani.  When I explained this nail polish is not sold in Australia, I was asked by two separate customers if I would be so kind as to order it for them. Of course I was more than happy to oblige. (Any excuse to get even more nail polish lol)

One of my customers a self confessed gold freak said she had spotted my nails from across the room, they were that blingy! So what have I actually got on my mitts then? It is actually two coats of Lacquistry Amazeballz You So Fine! The most beautiful pale gold ever invented.  Followed by Seche Vite topcoat and that's it.

I've had this on my nails a week now and I'm not planning on taking it off anytime soon, so I might just stamp over the top of it for next week.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Another Picture Fail!

OPI Next Stop... The Bikini Zone you are so beautiful, but a real bugger to photograph well! Mind you I don't think it helped having the Born Pretty Silver stamped all over it as that totally blinged out my camera settings.

You will just have to trust me that this is a really pretty polish being a duo chrome and super sparkly. Oh well moving on, this was three coats. I then stamped a very delicate design from JQ 06 using Born Pretty Silver stamping polish which is a very bright silver!

Lastly a photo taken at work using an iPhone which shows the true colour of OPI Next Stop... The Bikini Zone and how sparkly and full of life this mani actually is!

Monday, 8 June 2015


So for my mani this week I was pondering on what to do, as you do when you can't think of a single thing. When I thought glitter tips! And then I remembered there was a bit of fuss about the following picture. It wasn't exactly about the mani but about old hands! I for one  would love to know the age we have to be before we are to stop taking care of ourselves or wanting pretty things!

The lovely Jess in a group I follow on facebook posted up a picture of the mani she had created for her mother-in-law. The mani itself took a fair amount of time to create being quite complex and highlights Jess's creative flair. (I've just used polish to recreate something similar) Wherein certain people suggested she should have used a better model, with nicer hands etc. All I could see was a perfect mani that was really pretty and one that I would like to recreate for myself. 

On to my mani then, a clear base of Qutique Gel then a french tip using Barry M Gelly Blue Grape with Pretty Serious Moments Til Midnight dabbed on top. And then stamped with hehe 028 using Mundo De Unas White. Followed by Glisten n Glow HK Girl topcoat to protect the stamping.

I was unsure if the flowing white lines would detract from the mani, but in actual fact they enhance it and I have already had many compliments for this mani its just so striking in real life!