Sunday, 21 February 2016

Fairy Nails!

I'm sure I've done fairy nails before, this time I've used a polish that can't seem to make up its mind as to what colour its going to show you! In my photos the gold is showing up more than the bottle colour which appears in bright white light. Either way this polish is just so gorgeously sparkly and has a multitude of colours. 

In the shade you can see a touch more of the blue sheer colour that is making my nails look like glass. The following picture has been taken in dappled light and shows a much wider range of the colours making up this polish. 

Now that I've teased you all with this enigma of a polish, most of you will have guessed its an Enchanted Polish, it is in fact a two year old Enchanted Polish called Ice Castle. On to my mani then, this was three coats of this topper used by itself so it is very sheer but at the same time very sparkly and holographic polish without a topcoat.

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  1. Your nails look very pretty and girly. Thanks for sharing the details about your manicure. The holographic effect the nail polish gives is very cool.